A round black braided cord with silver fittings. The cord comes with two ring carabiners to attach the cord to your Coffee Carrier bag. The rings can also be attached to the bag with the cord detached, so the Coffee Carrier can be put on a handbag, a backback or a dog leash, using one ring carabiner only. Made from soft yet strong polyester fibres, the cord is smooth to the touch whilst also being sturdy.

Please note that we tested the Coffee Carriers thoroughly and designed them in a way to avoid coffee spills or drops. When testing the product and listening to client feedback, we have not experienced Coffee Carriers leaking or coffee stains on clothing resulting from using a Coffee Carrier. However JOYUMA does not take responsibility for clothing or other objects that may be affected by coffee or other liquid stains resulting from using a Coffee Carrier. Please always close the lid of the coffee mug after drinking and make sure not to shake the Coffee Carrier with the lid open. Be careful when letting children handle the product.